Interviews with Tim Pat Coogan

The Real Mick Collins

Tim Pat Coogan and Tom Garvin discuss 'Mick: The Real Mick Collins' by Peter Hart (Macmillan).

RTE Radio 1 'Off The Shelf', Programme 16: 4th March 2006

Dead at thirty-one, Michael Collins had already fought in the Easter Rising, been elected to four different parliaments, organised the IRA and smuggled in its arms, launched its guerrilla war, beat British intelligence at its own game, financed the revolution, negotiated the Anglo-Irish Treaty, run the first independent government of Ireland, and led the Irish army to victory as its first Commander-in-Chief. Collins gained international fame as the mystery man who could not be caught, the man who won the war and, paradoxically, the man who made peace with the British Empire and made it stick.

Peter Hart's biography draws on many hitherto unseen sources to explore the life of Michael Collins and to ask what made him such an extraordinary and complex man. Hart's is the first book to fully investigate Collins's life before becoming a revolutionary and the first to take a critical look at his rise to power and its consequences.


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