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Wherever Green is Worn

Wherever Green Is Worn cover

The Story of the Irish Diaspora

Far more Irishmen live outside Ireland than within it.

This fascinating study reveals why this is, how it has come about and what the realities are today – political, economic, religious and cultural – for the populations of the ‘Irish Diaspora’ and the countries they now inhabit.

Based on first-hand research in America, Africa, Australia, New Zealand and throughout Europe (including, of course, Britain), this book reveals the workings of Irish communities throughout the world, some with great political and economic power (such as in the US, where the Irish political tradition has dominated politics from the 19th century Tammany Hall to presidents Kennedy and Clinton), some with enormous moral authority (including Irish religious communities in Africa) and others living in poverty on the fringes of society.

Irish/British edition (cover illustrated) published by Arrow Books

US edition published by Palgrave Macmillan


"A journey into our own psyche... Tim Pat Coogan has dug, Heaney-like, into the past while opening doors to faraway places." - Frank McCourt

"...long-awaited account of the Irish Diaspora is the most far-reaching and comprehensive study of that phenomenon ever written." - Books Ireland

"... a challenging and controversial work on the Irish diaspora… It is a big book on a big topic. Don't just read it. Buy it and reread it." - The Irish Times

"The definitive story of the Irish abroad." - Ireland on Sunday

"A gratifying work, the product of substantial research by an author immersed in his subject and endowed by his national heritage with a gift for language, a taste for irony garnished with whimsy, and a genial sense of humor." - Richmond Times-Dispatch

"Amusing, interesting and often absorbing... Peppered with the kind of Irish humour that can make you laugh out loud." - The Guardian

"A circumnavigation from Argentina to Zimbabwe, crisscrossed with Coogan's brilliance as historian, wit and storyteller." - Jon Snow