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Born into a middle-class family in 1930s Dublin, Tim Pat Coogan grew up against a background of highly charged political activity in Ireland. He went on to play a vital role in bringing the IRA/Sinn Fein to the peace talks table, and has always been uniquely placed to comment authoritatively on all aspects of Irish current affairs - as well as providing an understanding of the 'hidden Ireland' of the IRA.

Both a bestselling biographer and a legendary journalist, Tim Pat Coogan has long created controversy with his forthright comments. Through the Irish Press, of which he was editor for twenty years, he is renowned for bringing about social and political change to Ireland. His memoir is long-awaited and reveals both the public and private lives of one of Ireland's most influential journalists. His account will tell the joys and the sorrows - the early death of his father, the struggle of his mother, and his high-profile tragic affair.

Irish/British paperback edition (cover illustrated left) published by Orion. Hardback editition published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson (cover illustrated right).


"The whole ensemble is a rich and glorious pot-pourri of Irish life and experiences over the 20th century, with which you can identify, empathise, and argue in equal measure, evocatively illustrated by photographs." - Mary Kenny, Irish Independent

"Tim Pat Coogan’s many-stranded memoir is an instructive prism through which to view some aspects of the evolution of post-independence Ireland… It bespeaks love of country and love of life and it is punctuated with the sharp, dry humour that characterises the man." - Conor Brady, Irish Times

"Coogan quite simply is the world's leading authority on the IRA, and his book is a fascinating insight into how the peace process came about… The book reveals for the first time that it was Coogan who was chosen by peace process priest Father Alec Reid to make the initial contact with the Irish government on behalf of Sinn Fein." - Irish Central