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Eamon De Valera

Eamon De Valera

Long Fellow, Long Shadow

Eamon De Valera remains a towering presence whose long shadow still falls over Irish life. From the 1916 Rising, the troubled Treaty negotiations and the Civil War, right through to his retirement after longer in power than another other twentieth century leader, De Valera both defined and divided Ireland. Any one of his major achievements would have assured his fame. Yet many of the challenges he confronted still trouble the peace of Ireland and Britain, and some of today's problems are his legacy. This comprehensive study of this political giant is a major addition to the history of Irish-British relations.

British/Irish edition published by Arrow Books

US edition (cover on right) published as 'Eamon De Valera: The Man Who Was Ireland' by Palgrave Macmillan


"It is impossible to understand Ireland today without reading this unblinking version of the Eamon De Valera story." - New York Newsday

"Coogan has an ear for a telling phrase, a fund of anecdotes and a truffle-hound's nosefor a scoop... Little gets past... At one point the accusation 'lie' is levelled three times in 10 pages. And when de Valera's celebrated use of semantics approaches hypocrisy, the point is robustly made." - The Independent (London)